That’s HOT!


If you smoke, dip or chew because you think it’s “cool” or “hip,”—or even “just because”—you owe it to yourself to learn more about what it does to your body, your wallet, your friends and family, and even the environment.

Here are seven smoking hot reasons to stop being a BONEHEAD and quit using tobacco:

  1. You’ll be more popular and attractive… because kissing an ashtray or a spittoon is not sexy.
  2. You’ll smell better… because you can’t wear enough cologne to mask the smell of tobacco.
  3. Your skin will improve and you’ll look young longer… because chemicals in cigarettes restrict blood flow to the skin, which makes you age faster (and doesn’t help anyone with acne).
  4. You’ll feel better and breathe easier… because smoking decreases your lung capacity—even if you’re an athlete.
  5. You’ll save money… because the average smoker will spend an estimated $119,000 on cigarettes during the next 30 years and that’s a lot of tunes, shoes, clothes and gasoline! Perhaps even the price of a house for your future family!
  6. You’ll live longer… because (ouch!) the younger you start smoking, the higher your chances of developing cancer and other health issues.
  7. You’ll help save the planet… because tobacco production actually accounts for nearly 5 percent of deforestation in the developing world and we need forests to help produce oxygen.

If you smoke, download the Smoking Time Machine app from iTunes and see how you’ll look in 10 and 20 years!

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